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1. v To hit on someone, or a lifestyle.
Jason Kelly straight up macks bitches.
by JKSMB July 16, 2008
1 10
Mack can be used in saying used to describe when someone is having sex. Like someone is having sex with his girlfreind it can be said that he is 'on the mack'.
Don't bother, he's on the mack at the moment.
by Big Fez October 31, 2006
3 12
to be mack is to say anything that comes to your mind
your the mackiest mack of them all
by adam meyers October 16, 2006
1 10
the facts about something.
yo i gotta git da macks fo mah report.
by nicotine bitch June 27, 2006
4 13
n. a fat ass or big booty. Any signs of a nice shapely ass
"Damn she gotta mack on her"
"Look at the mack on that"
by M Bizzle. March 06, 2006
2 11
eat; slang or street lingo meaning to eat.
Geez, I would love to mack her box.
by W. Fogell November 04, 2005
2 11
v. to steal
Usually heard around the ghetto/city areas.
1. Yo, did you see that guy mack the car?

2. alright, who macked my lighter?
by EricaB February 04, 2005
3 12