n. short for "Mackintosh" a kind of rubberized raincoat dating back to 19th century great Britain. a mack could really be any raincoat at all. Mackintosh has itself become slang for a condom, but I've never heard "mack" used to refer to a rubber.
(Liverpudlian 1) - see that that banker?
(Liverpudlian 2) - the one with the little children laughing at him behind his back?
(L 1) - yeah, that's the one. you know he NEVER wears a mack?
(L 2) - not even in the pouring rain?
(L 1) - nope.
(L 2) - very strange.
by poormanschef October 05, 2006
1)(n) Pimp

2)(v) Being a pimp

3)(n) The Mack, an early 70's Blacksploitation film shot in Oakland, CA

4) (n) Ladies Man

5) (v) To steal

6) (v) To have sex.
1) I am a mack

2)"Mackin' is a game and everybody's playing it" -- Ice Cube

3) Let's go to the mack

4) "I love the ladies and they love me right back, now who's the Mack" -- Ice T

5) Ima Mack that cd

6) "You know, I was all getting my macks on with her"
by ac January 31, 2004
refers to money, or a person who has money.
My mack daddy ran off and left me for another shorty. Now, what is a sister going to do, now that her mack is gone?
by Soul Sista July 22, 2006
1) To attract someone of the oppostie sex
2) Truck Company with bulldog symbol
3) Nick A.; stylish pimp
1) I macked that chick from class!
2) I drove a Mack rig yesterday
3) Wow that Nick Mack guy is hung!
by Nick November 23, 2004
someone (male) whose name you don't know.
Catch ya later mack
by Mack November 12, 2003
The Mack ran over me.
Macks don't tickle.
by TR March 12, 2003
to shoot or use a gun on, from the mac-10, a small sub-machinegun similar to an Uzi.
If they get in my way , i'm gonna mac them.
by Joe February 03, 2003
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