The new 'fresh'. A go-to word that can be used to describe any noun or verb which the speaker finds particularly rich in flavour, aesthetic or sound. It is used particularly in Jazz, as a tribute to Billy Strayhorn's composition "Lush Life" and the album by John Coltrane of the same name.
"Dude, check out the lush chords that Gamran is layin' down."
"Pretty lush garden you've got here."
by xxBrianBrownxx January 24, 2012
Typically used by the welsh to describe something that's bloody lovely!

It can be applied to most situations.

Synonyms: Awesome, Fantastic, wicked, fabulous, gorgeous.
P1) What did you have for breakfast?
P2) Cheese on toast. Its was fukkin LUSH!

P1) Did you see that bloke Dai Jones brought to the pub last night?
P2) I work with him. He's fukkin lush!

P1) Have you seen my new shoes?
P2) Oooohhh, They're lush!

*) I bought a lush dress yesterday.

*) I Had a lush dinner Sunday

*) Have you seen how lush Sarah's baby is?
by WonkyDonkey September 11, 2011
meaning nice, sexy, pleasant, enjoyable: this British usage is an abbreviated form of luscious
she is lush
by neil finn May 17, 2011
A somewhat humorous attempt to spell the word luscious and used in the same context.
"Someone told me that if i call you lushes, you'd sleep with me."

"I fear that you have made some grievous errors in your grade school education."
by Aleste December 22, 2008
someone who is always drunk; parties too much.
Everyone on the team was a lush, we never won a game.
by nick cali May 23, 2006
Usually a person who spends time drinking in large amounts and who will then proceed to act in a slutty manner
Ellen was Lush last night after drinking and stripping after losing in quarters.
by John Mason May 08, 2006
good looking or looks good
woah that b oy is lush
that top is lush as
by C*A*Y*L*A November 06, 2005
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