the term lush, a word short for luscious
That girl is so lush, i could just take her into the back room right now.
by blonde May 15, 2005
Usually a person who spends time drinking in large amounts and who will then proceed to act in a slutty manner
Ellen was Lush last night after drinking and stripping after losing in quarters.
by John Mason May 08, 2006
British slang term to describe something pleasing.
"that girl is fucking lush"
by Tim March 18, 2005
A somewhat humorous attempt to spell the word luscious and used in the same context.
"Someone told me that if i call you lushes, you'd sleep with me."

"I fear that you have made some grievous errors in your grade school education."
by Aleste December 22, 2008
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lush's bath bombs are the best!!!!!!!
by i dunno? March 29, 2005
Either sex can be a lush. It's someone who drinks a lot and enjoys drinking a lot---not necessarily an alcoholic, but someone whose drinking is noticeable. It can be used teasingly or as an insult, but even if someone teases you (or whoever), there's probably some truth in it, and it probably means you're overdoing the alcohol.
Sara is such a lush! Did you see her dancing at Firehaus? Oh em gee. It wasn't even her birthday!
by ILoveYahooAnswers March 01, 2009
1. British slang term used to describe something or someone incredibly desirable.

2. Stacey Young.
Wow, that girl over there is lush!

See also: Fit, Sexy, Hottie.
by mrdavethegreat September 07, 2008

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