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John Calipari, a person who lies, cheats and steals to get what they want. A person who knowingly violates rules to prosper as long as they don't get caught. A person who manipulates others to join in their unethical behavior.

A person with no character. A person with no ethics, or is unethical. A dishonest person.
John Calipari, what a sleazeball.
by NCAA May 21, 2010
Basically a loser who unsuccessfully attempts to score with bitches. Oftentimes drunk off of cheap frat-boy beers and making an entire ass of himself. He has the ability turn just about everything into a penis joke. All in all, a badass dude.
Yo, Chew is such a sleazeball! Look at him tryin' to work on that nasty skankmeat.
by Sleazeballs September 13, 2009
a person who has a low character.
come on man, just do not be a sleazeball. Stand firm and show her the hell.
by beloved-sd October 05, 2008
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