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British slang term to describe something pleasing.
"that girl is fucking lush"
by Tim March 18, 2005
good looking or looks good
woah that b oy is lush
that top is lush as
by C*A*Y*L*A November 06, 2005
a word used for something extremly cool
'that jump was lush'
by george January 09, 2005
someone who is always drunk; parties too much.
Everyone on the team was a lush, we never won a game.
by nick cali May 23, 2006
Someone who likes to drink alot and get tipsy.
That chick named Courtney is a real lush! She loves to drink and then pass out naked on the hardwood floor!
by AndrewRhyne October 20, 2011
1. One who enjoys having a good time.
2. A state of being where one is enjoying themselves.
1. He was known as a lush because of his love for life and his want to always have a good time.

2. She felt very lush sitting on her front porch with a cigar in one hand and a drink in the other, passing the time with a close friend.
by kobby3 July 14, 2009
Meaning cool. Antonym is 'anti-lush'. There is a hand symbol that accompanies this term, the symbol for lush is a peace sign with your thumb out as well. The sign for anti-lush is the same thing, just turn your hand upside down, so it looks like an A. Lush has an online symbol.

lush = _V
Jacki - Look her shirt! That is so lush!

Nigel - Ew look at Greg. He is so anti-lush.
by teh kaitlyn August 10, 2005