good looking or looks good
woah that b oy is lush
that top is lush as
by C*A*Y*L*A November 06, 2005
the term lush, a word short for luscious
That girl is so lush, i could just take her into the back room right now.
by blonde May 15, 2005
A really nice shop that sells gorgeous smelling products~~~Check out
lush's bath bombs are the best!!!!!!!
by i dunno? March 29, 2005
Someone who likes to drink alot and get tipsy.
That chick named Courtney is a real lush! She loves to drink and then pass out naked on the hardwood floor!
by AndrewRhyne October 20, 2011
1. British slang term used to describe something or someone incredibly desirable.

2. Stacey Young.
Wow, that girl over there is lush!

See also: Fit, Sexy, Hottie.
by mrdavethegreat September 07, 2008
LUSH is a truly fantastic bath and skin line from Canada. the aroma in the stores borderlines on illegal and intoxicating. It is absolutely a deal maker as far as spontaneous gifts go.They don't make a bad product..and the bath bombs with glitter will have your tub glittering for days.When you get out you just want to drip dry so you still smell nice..Get LUSHed. If you bring me LUSH you can lock the car up cause you are staying..after the bath or course.
David came by with a fresh bag of LUSH that guy knows the way to my heart among other places.
by DaynaS February 18, 2008
1. One who enjoys having a good time.
2. A state of being where one is enjoying themselves.
1. He was known as a lush because of his love for life and his want to always have a good time.

2. She felt very lush sitting on her front porch with a cigar in one hand and a drink in the other, passing the time with a close friend.
by kobby3 July 14, 2009
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