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Either sex can be a lush. It's someone who drinks a lot and enjoys drinking a lot---not necessarily an alcoholic, but someone whose drinking is noticeable. It can be used teasingly or as an insult, but even if someone teases you (or whoever), there's probably some truth in it, and it probably means you're overdoing the alcohol.
Sara is such a lush! Did you see her dancing at Firehaus? Oh em gee. It wasn't even her birthday!
by ILoveYahooAnswers March 01, 2009
148 95
1.Used to describe something that has been enjoyed.
2. Something that's liked.
3. Used to describe someone who's attractive.
1.'That pie was lush!'
2.'That top was lush!'
3.'Leon is really lush!'
by Roxy411 July 28, 2005
150 119
meaning good or cool. Its origin is most likely in the English adjective of the same spelling, meaning growing in extreme abundance.

Possibly the most over used word in 2002/2003 throughout Britain.
I went to Milton Keynes yesterday to hang out with my friends. It was well lush.
by Moggers April 23, 2005
79 59
Often used to describe something that is considered to be ultra-nice, often used with taste, item of clothings or a nice looking girl/boy
"Mannnnn check out that girl, she is lush"

"Vodka and Red Bull is lush, I'll have a treble please!"
by Borris McFly November 20, 2003
42 31
1. (Universal) Any individual who has the proclivity to drink excessive amounts of alcohol in a relatively short amount of time.

2. (Social) It may also be used when referring to someone who becomes intoxicated easily or has difficulty holding their liquor.
1. Damn, you're such a lush, you just drank a whole fifth in three hours. You may need to seek treatment tomorrow.

2. That girl and the guy she is with are such lushes, they've had 2 beers each and they're already acting obnoxious.
by buschmi2 July 28, 2007
55 46
meaning nice, sexy, pleasant, enjoyable: this British usage is an abbreviated form of luscious
she is lush
by neil finn May 17, 2011
13 5
a word used to descibe a really good thing, something you enjoy or you like
he looks lush, means he is gorgeous
by sophie May 06, 2005
57 49