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1) Similar to Fit, meaning a person who has attractive physical qualities.
2) Can be used to describe an object which is considered to be above average in either taste, smell, sight or other sensory perceptions.
1) Check out Sarah, shes looking pretty lush tonight.
2) This chocolate is lush.
by Swankyfish July 04, 2004
A word to express an emotion between like and love. For use when the relationship has moved past like, but still isn't quite at love.
A combination of crush + love = lush
I lush you.
Becky and Tim have been going out for a while. They are now in the lush-stage
by Secret Cupid Saturday April 22, 2012
The new 'fresh'. A go-to word that can be used to describe any noun or verb which the speaker finds particularly rich in flavour, aesthetic or sound. It is used particularly in Jazz, as a tribute to Billy Strayhorn's composition "Lush Life" and the album by John Coltrane of the same name.
"Dude, check out the lush chords that Gamran is layin' down."
"Pretty lush garden you've got here."
by xxBrianBrownxx January 24, 2012
Typically used by the welsh to describe something that's bloody lovely!

It can be applied to most situations.

Synonyms: Awesome, Fantastic, wicked, fabulous, gorgeous.
P1) What did you have for breakfast?
P2) Cheese on toast. Its was fukkin LUSH!

P1) Did you see that bloke Dai Jones brought to the pub last night?
P2) I work with him. He's fukkin lush!

P1) Have you seen my new shoes?
P2) Oooohhh, They're lush!

*) I bought a lush dress yesterday.

*) I Had a lush dinner Sunday

*) Have you seen how lush Sarah's baby is?
by WonkyDonkey September 11, 2011
word for cool, because cool is so dead that its bloody corpse has filed complaints
that corpse metaphor was not witty or lush.
by kae222 July 01, 2004
a)rich in texture, flavor, shape, etc.
b)a cheap drunk
a) The velvet curtains were so soft and lush.

b) Britney was dancing on the bar like a lush last night!
by Esty October 22, 2004
LUSH is a truly fantastic bath and skin line from Canada. the aroma in the stores borderlines on illegal and intoxicating. It is absolutely a deal maker as far as spontaneous gifts go.They don't make a bad product..and the bath bombs with glitter will have your tub glittering for days.When you get out you just want to drip dry so you still smell nice..Get LUSHed. If you bring me LUSH you can lock the car up cause you are staying..after the bath or course.
David came by with a fresh bag of LUSH that guy knows the way to my heart among other places.
by DaynaS February 18, 2008