Meaning cool. Antonym is 'anti-lush'. There is a hand symbol that accompanies this term, the symbol for lush is a peace sign with your thumb out as well. The sign for anti-lush is the same thing, just turn your hand upside down, so it looks like an A. Lush has an online symbol.

lush = _V
Jacki - Look her shirt! That is so lush!

Nigel - Ew look at Greg. He is so anti-lush.
by teh kaitlyn August 10, 2005
one who engages in excessive drinking, and usually isn't of age to drink
Mike Williams, the biggest lush
by Professor August 01, 2004
someone that lives for materialistic things, and is usually intoxicated
"you're a lush and i hate it"
by Brannie August 09, 2003
An individual who enjoys always having a drink in hand. They tend to become buzzed quite easily, yet can drink through to the early morning. Not a flirtatious force to be reckoned with!
That lush last night stole my bottle of vodka, and slept with my best friend!
by SethyShoe October 12, 2010
An event very similar to lunch with no food requirement. Generally involves a group of people meeting at a place that serves alcohol shortly after they open and staying until they close.
Can you go to Jai's lush on Thursday?

It was nice to meet you at lush the other day.
by ~jai~ July 10, 2008
Use especially in the West Country, where it is pronounced hilariously as 'lurrrrrsh'.
"I thought you said tha' bint o'er there's well lurrrsh. She fucking mings to hell and back!"
by Billy-Bob McSanchez April 06, 2005
Someone who when drinking alcohol drinks to get drunk and have a good time. He/She will always be the life of the party and is always ready for watever. Also this person will usually be the last one to pass out or can handle more than the average person who participates in the consumption of alcohol.
Yo, shorty is a lush.
Dat lush ass nigga crushin da henney.
I cant believe dat lush juz left wit my girl.
by TuckDezi February 11, 2010

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