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Any women (without regard to sexual orientation) that munches on another woman’s box.
plural: Lickalottapi.

aka Munchalottabox
As I entered the bar, I was amazed by the number of Lickalottapi I had to choose from.
by lick a lotta spokes November 08, 2004
(lick-a-lotta-puss)A lesbian dinasour! My theory on how the dinosours became extinct.bout like the last man on earth cenario.right!
what do you think a lickalottapuss does for fun?
by ambria_rayn March 11, 2006
Most of the "women" in the Clinton Administration.
Watch yourself around Janet and Hillary sister, it's lickalottapuss country.
by antraeindubh March 31, 2004
a middle aged dinosaur who hasn't seen his wife's puss in eons, yet he finds more puss to munch on in order to survive
liquor i don't even know her
by mike July 14, 2004
An adjective used to categorize a member of The Dinosaur Club. Incennuates a lesbian who eats out other members of the female gender, hence, she licks a lotta puss.
-"What do you mean by The Dinosaur Club?"
-"Dude, she's a Lickalottapuss"
by BPH1 May 21, 2011
Two lesbians that eat each other out
Man those two lickalottapuss's are really getting into it
by Zack May 08, 2003
What you get when a lesbian and a dinosaur procreate.
The lickalottapuss has been extinct for years.
by scott January 30, 2004
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