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a really awesome girl
wow, look at that jill who just pulled over by the cops, man
#jill #awesome #sweet #cool #girl
by jill, duh October 25, 2006
jill comes from greek word amazing. most amazing girlfriend ever. also has the best personailty and can put up with her boyfriend
N. - means to be amazing at everything
i wish i could be a jill at life.
#amazing #cute #hot #funny #tolerance
by kingscuba23 April 08, 2009
the "girl" a guy is taking home to have sex with.

this girl is really his hand, that he is going home to masterbate with. hold it up and the fingers spell out J-i-l-l.

makes him sound cool, even though everyone knows he's pathetic and can't get any.
guy1: "me and my girl had so much sex last night"
guy2: "yeah me too, i met this fucking hot chick named Jill."
#masturbate #jack off #handjob #sex #hand
by asfhhj June 22, 2006
She has this natural swag and she isn't even trying. When she walks into a room every body stops and stares in awe.
On top of all that she has also a great personality, very social and musically inclined. Her interests are extremely broad which makes her even more to die for.

Everyone should at least have one Jill in his/her life.
You won't regret it.
I love me some Jill.
Look man, I bet here name's "Jill"!
Man, there should be more Jill's in this world.
#jill #beautiful #exotic #knockout #swag #mojo
by monroe7 January 21, 2012
a sexxy ass girl that everyone lovess :)
jill is so hotttttt.
#jill #jillian #jilly #ily #love #sexy #hott #durr
by CABAYUM July 10, 2008
A smart sassy, independent woman who often makes others jealous of her wit, good looks and charm.

If you can get over your jealousy and get to know her, she will be the best person you've ever met.
Someday, if I work really hard, i can be like Jill.

If you look up charisma in the dictionary, there's a picture of Jill.
#cool #smart #funny #awesome #better than you
by coolnesssupreme February 03, 2010
1. IDK, my BFF?
2. One who is constantly being sent text messages by 12-year-olds.
"Who could you be texting that much?"
"IDK, my BFF Jill?"
#jill #text #bff #commercial #idk
by Lex B-S December 16, 2007
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