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A woman of loose morals, who engages in promiscuous sexual activity.
Oh man...Lucy is your sister-in-law? That chick is a walking sperm bank!
by antraeindubh March 31, 2004
A hairstyle popular (also see shlong, mullet)with certain Mexican males. Most often this hairstyle is associated with a fondness for heavy metal music and a fascination with knives. WARNING: the wearer of this hairstyle has a 99% chance of being a serial-killer.
Trucker #1: What happened to all the lot lizards at the truckstop?
Trucker #2: Some dude with a mexi-mullet butchered them all and ate their remains while listening to Ozzy.
Trucker #1: Again?
by antraeindubh August 24, 2006
Most of the "women" in the Clinton Administration.
Watch yourself around Janet and Hillary sister, it's lickalottapuss country.
by antraeindubh March 31, 2004
A member of the Irish Travellers who funds his or her lifestyle through fraud, mostly committed against the elderly. They typically offer to do home improvement work at an attractive price, then either run off with the money, or if they actually do the work, do a substandard job and then demand more money. Female yonks enjoy five finger discounts at department stores, attempting to exchange the stolen goods for cash.

Then they all go out for Sushi with their ill gained loot, parading their "lackeen" toddler daughters around like Jon Benet Ramsey.
yonk: "I noticed your drive-way needs paving. I was doing work up the street and have plenty left over for another job. I'll only charge you forty dollars..."

you: Fuck off you yonk bastard!
by antraeindubh August 24, 2006
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