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To put a spike, commonly tacks, into a fountain drink lid and then hiding it in the ground to be stepped on
I'm going to be landmining the beach today.
by Cobrastrike June 30, 2014
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a form of shotgunning a canned beverage. stab a can, put it on the ground, put your mouth on the hole, then have someone stomp on the can.
he opened the door and started landmining an arizona iced tea
by brahski666 July 24, 2011
To fart on a couch cushion, then casually walk away. The next person to sit down in that spot will set the landmine off, releasing the stench.
I just ate baked beans and broccoli for dinner, I'm doing some serious landmining at the party tonight.
by E4member June 19, 2012

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