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To be kicked out, timed out, denied access, or blocked from something due to inactivity. Especially a computer program.
Ugh, I was 5 minutes late coming back from lunch and I got SAPguied from the order I was working on, now I have to try to remember what all was on it.
by E4member June 20, 2012
An accidental contribution made to the general public when you realize you did something stupid.
Hungover Girl: I'm so mad. I left my wallet sit on the bar for like 20 minutes last and when I went back for it I was missing $40.

Sober Roommate: Well the good news is that you got your annual idiot fee out of the way early this year!
by E4member February 26, 2012
To fart on a couch cushion, then casually walk away. The next person to sit down in that spot will set the landmine off, releasing the stench.
I just ate baked beans and broccoli for dinner, I'm doing some serious landmining at the party tonight.
by E4member June 19, 2012
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