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This is by far the best tea in the world. It comes in many flavors such as Green Tea,Rasberry Flaored Tea, Lemon Flavored Tea. I think it's sold everywhere.
D00d! Arizona Iced Tea is so good.
Arizona Iced Tea is the best teaa around. <2
Arizona Iced Tea is teh sexxx I drink it and I am so hxc.
by stellllarrr™ March 06, 2007
160 50
This is an amazing drink, no one knows how awesome this is. Like if you where every gunna go to your store && needed something to drink. This is it. Just don't choke from laughing.
"You have ice?! I LOVE ICE!! , I bet that would go good with some Arizona Iced Tea!"
by ohh snapp its uss! August 18, 2009
45 24
Getting a golden shower on a hot Arizona day.
He gave her an Arizona Iced Tea on a sunny July evening.
by Thug Life 69 July 10, 2012
14 10
Cheap beverage purchased solely for a extreme dose of sugar.

In other words, the underage 40oz.
Let's get hammered Gangsta!
You're 12.
Yeah, uh, ill just have an Arizona Iced Tea.
by lordofpineapple August 23, 2009
25 60