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American for a person who is not significantly overweight (as opposed to its previous definition, meaning underweight)
you're looking thin! (as a compliment)
by nunu October 27, 2004
n.) Something girls (for some odd reason) aspire to be above all else, to the exclusion of healthy meals, self-confidence, and common sense. It is a vague goal that all females pursue, and that many would probably die for, at least in America. The male gender, having beheld this phenomenon of female obsession, has adapted to consider it attractive, causing the girls to want to be more so and strive desperately to shrink further. The guys are trained to think this is more attractive, and the cycle continues. There is a theory that the entire female race will someday starve into oblivion due to America's furthering of the obsession, and then homosexuals will rule the earth. However, this is a worst-case scenario, and hopefully shall not come to pass. But as long as supermodels exist, this apocalyptic attack of anorexia is a possibility.
Girl: Am I thin enough?
Guy: You're fine the way you are.
Girl: AHHH! You're trying to reassure me because I'm fat! I have to go on a diet now!
by Exaggerist May 21, 2006
A story or an idea that doesn't hold much water
that dudes story was pretty thin yo!
by johnny d January 10, 2005
Wheels on a car according to rapper Mistah Fab
"stunnas is glasses
thins is wheels
rippers is brawds
scrapers automobiles"
by Gangstuh Rosie October 31, 2006
Synonym for basic. A person who is shallow with no personality.
OMG! That girl is so thin.
by Not thin...phat February 14, 2015
Simply the most beautiful thing a person can aspire to be
becky:omg look how thin that girl is
rosalie:i know simple perfection at its best
by rosalie pro ana June 26, 2010
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