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Taking a drag from a cigarette/cigar, then expelling the smoke into someone's mouth (usually your girlfriend) while they inhale it. Like an open-mouthed kiss, except with smoke involved.
Dude, look at those 2 shotgunning! She looks like she's enjoying it.
by Jenni N. June 13, 2008
(Shotgunning) Shotgunning a beer is the simple act of consuming a beer at a high rate of speed.
Shotgunnin a beer is easy when following these steps:

1) Hold a beer can in a horizontal position with the bottom tilted up just a bit. Poke a hole on the side near the bottom where you would see an air bubble if the can were clear. Poke this hole with a screwdriver, knife or a Shotgun Key.

2) Place your mouth over the hole while lifting it to an upright position.

3) After you have reached an upright position, pull the tab at the top of the can and consume the beer as fast as possible.

Shotgunning a beer is easy when you follow these directions!
by Gunnar Jones November 07, 2007
1. When a person who's smoking takes a hit of weed and transfers the smoke to another person by using their fists to make a tunnel between their mouths.

2. When a guy or girl takes a hit and transfers the smoke to their partner through a kiss. As one exhales the smoke, the other one should inhale the smoke into their lungs. Very efficient use of weed and extremely sexy.
1. "Yo dude.. we don't have that much weed left so we're shot-gunning that shit, you down ?"

2. "When my boyfriend's shot-gunning me, I literally get weak in the knees."
by brendabong2 December 30, 2009
the Canadian way to drink a beer. Always more than not its the cheapest or shittest beer that month, say Pilsner or Papst. Usually the first couple of the night are consummed this way.

Step one grab a set of keys, usually the keys for the car you drove to the parkinglot party.

step two stab a hole in the bottom half of the can.

Step three twist around the keys till u have a good size hole (bigger is not better)

step four put hole to mouth, tilt head back open the can.

Step five open your throat till the beers done

step six through the can down like u mean it
Ashely says "alexis did i just here you open a can in the shower"
Alexis says " Yea man i was Shot Gunning"

" I had a dream last night i was really good at Shot Gunning, it was soo real "

Wow watching fubar makes me soo proud to be Canadian, those guys are amazing at Shot Gunning beer
by alexisrandiashkat February 07, 2009
Sexual act involving fisting another man while giving him a reach around. Making the motion of a shotgun.
I was shotgunning Andy last night and he loved it so much he came almost immediately.
by Philliy my willy October 26, 2015
A sexual act that involves a man cumming into another partner's mouth who has a gauged labret piercing. The partner with the piercing then yells "shotgun" and ejects the fluid at the man through the labret.

May also evolve into snowballing.
Shotgunning: Rich orgasms into Jackie's mouth, at which time Jackie jumps up, yells 'shotgun!', and ejects the cum into Rich's face.
by Rich and Jackie September 24, 2007
(named after the beer drinking style) a sexual act where a female rides her partner cowgirl style (representing a can getting poked) than right before she gets off she crawls over the mans head and cums in his mouth and he swallows the cum (representing drinking the beverage)
Leslie was riding John in a cowgirl fashion when she was close to her orgasm she crawled up to john's head and had an orgasm in his mouth (this is called Shotgunning)
by Gibsonwizard13 November 19, 2013
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