Lags is the mixed word of "fat" and "legs" therefore "fat legs"
1. "Oh my God! That lady over there is so obese! Look at those lags covered in cellulite and dimples!"
2. "My lags hurt from walking to school, I'm going to get a ride home."
3. "Get the hell off my bus, fatass! You need to walk the fatness off your LAGS!" -Bus driver Tom
by OhEmmGee April 18, 2009
urinating (used in the city of Dunton, Beds., England)
"I say old boy let's find a WC - I need a lag"
by Ronny St Papps December 20, 2004
when you ask someone a relatively basic question and it takes them a longer than average time to respond due their brain lagging out. The lag time can vary from about 10 seconds to 7 minutes.
Person 1: "Hey Brown, do you hate Obbo?"
.......(5 minutes later).......
Brown: No he's a fucking tit face
by Pharm October 21, 2004
prisoner as in "old lag"
Big Len was an old lag out a' the Srubs
by dilbert scrunchie June 20, 2003
English word used to mean piss in certain contexts. See example.
Right Usage - "Jimmy threw a pint of lag at Richard last night, he found it on a wall. Funny shit!"

Wrong Usage - "I'm just going for a lag"
by JulesWinnfield May 23, 2007
Im playing the game runescape right now, and guess what its lagging so im writing this. Lag when everything freezes and you carnt do nothing (often resulting in death). Some players make this up as an excuse for them dieing or being a noob
by mark williams June 19, 2005
to slow down online games due to slow modem connection. (Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft III) The attribute of being slow on game servers.

Game description: Four versus four players, Cable or DSL internet connection prefered. If you lag you will be banned from the game.
by machinehien March 06, 2003

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