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Something black people love to do.
John: "Who the fuck is that guy stealing my TV?"
Ted: "OH, it's just a black guy."
by Angry Rhino July 01, 2009
225 139
forced sharing.
The goverment has raised new taxes stealing more from employers.
by suildur October 13, 2010
57 11
to take or borrow without permission
Yaneth (a girl) taking Girsea's (another girl) eyeliner from her backpack without Girsea's knowing.
by neth August 22, 2005
65 34
To steal; to deprive someone of something without permission. Must leave victim without item.
I was thinking of stealing his wallet.
by |\/|ajesty July 18, 2006
37 23
What you excuse it with borrowing. The difference is that the 'borrowing' seems to drag on to infinity.
Juliet: "Hey, isn't that Mike's hand-phone?"

Terry: "Uh, yeah I am borrowing it"

Juliet: "It has been a year."

by Cheeky Smiles April 13, 2011
15 3