Aproximatly 1half to three hours after smoking marijuana lag sets in. I.Q. drops 50 points, food and a nap are inevitable
(1 hour after gettin high) "Man ....I feel pretty lagged man..." "Yeah I got the lag too"
by Crackrock April 07, 2003
Laughing At Game

or it is also recursive acronym:
Lots Of LAG

lots of lag! i laugh at game!
by Lagger September 27, 2006
1) Laughter and giggles

2) Laughing and giggling

For those sick of "lol" and/or "lmao"
1) Person 1: His hands were so small he had to write your number on both of his hands.

Person 2: HAHAHA lag.

2) Person 1: Tickle his belly button with your pinky in a playful manner, not a seductive manner.

Person 2: LAG like crazy.
by Jackie from CCHS Bears June 02, 2006
Also suitable 4 LAGing dnd party members.Like my buddies LOY,Gad etch.
D.M.:<<U hear enemy casting behind the dungeon door.What will u do?>>
LAGing party:<<He,he its easy we ll stay here for about 8 hours while we replenish our spells n the enemy caster has already used up his own....>>:P
by OrderlordTank January 13, 2005
(n) 1. Short for Lagason; 2. Pet name for Brian Lagason, the first Grand Champion of GMA 7's Digital LG Quiz; 3. Genius; 4. Talent, talented
"Geez, he actually won Php 1.3 Million pesos? He's really a lags."
by bebangers February 06, 2005
An excuse used by EXTREMELY skilled players in competitive gameing.
Eli, hurry and get rid of the fucking lag, I had to SD in Sm4sh cause it kept making me lose.
by PoisN March 30, 2015
• when texting someone and the conversation is weak and or boring.

• too plain to talk to while texting/calling/ and or in person.
I don't flirt with you when we text because you lag much. our conversations are pretty boring.

I'm not talking to Becky because she's such a lag when we text. is really boring.
by slangtypeshit October 27, 2014

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