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Second most common phrase in New Zealand after "awesome". Said when someting is rather good instead of just "good" or "OK". Often followed by "bro".
How was the surf at Ragland yesterday?
Sweet As bro
by hmvgasman June 04, 2006
New zealand slang for "everything's okay."
Can also be used in place of "yes!"
"yeah, my night was sweet as, got on the piss with some mates and sung karaoke... badly"

"wanna beer mate?"
"yeah, sweet as"
by poopolo September 01, 2005
a new zealander expression to mean "cool!" , "right", "agreed"
- u fellas need a ride?
- yes we do bro!, sweet as!
by Santiago Herrera February 23, 2008
Something Kiwis Say
by Northy! October 29, 2010
Pretty much, totally sweet. A New Zealand term.
Dude, the waves were totally killer.
by faerygirl956 February 22, 2006
Means "Ok" or just "sweet"

Can also be abbreviated as "Swaz"

Not just New Zealand..Northern Ireland/ Belfast too.
-"Did the peelers(police) manage to catch ye last night?"
-"Nah, I jumped over into someones back garden and was sweet as."


-"I found your front tooth after that fight with the bouncer."
by Johnzer November 28, 2007
NOT "sweet ass" as in

man that hottie y'know? she got a sweet ass.

so NOTE: one "s" in ass or youll be laughd at BAAAAD.
saw da game las nite man - we won like 86-14 a real whitewash - sweet as aye?
by toby part-time newzealander May 22, 2004

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