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Obsessed or attuned to a particular thing, idea, or person to an unseemly degree. Always used in the pejorative.

Seems to have originated in the Mid-Atlantic region (probably Southeast D.C.).
Damn, he's pressed for some soda!

He called you 23 times last night? He is pressed.
by Yellowcandy February 23, 2005
In stan-war related lingo, to be pressed means to be obsessed with knocking down an artist's success to the point everyone knows how ridiculous and unfounded your claims are, making you look foolish, uneducated, illiterate, delusional, etc. Pressed stans usually appear to be mentioning artists they hate in unrelated threads about other artists, starting stan wars around them for no reason. They live and breathe the artists they claim to hate.

Usually used in combinations such as "you pressed as hell" and "you appear to be pressed. it's okay, i'd be mad too"
gay 1: "IX is a flop album, it didn't sell shit bwahaha. beyawnce is over"
gay 2: "keep trying to make it seem like a flop because it's clearly not and you pressed as hell bitch."

girl 1: "lol please, you pressed as fuck cause you know that album is a piece of shit. your lies are shining through this bullshit"

guy 1: "i cannot at the pressed still reaching for (insert artist here). She will stay slaying, your irrelevant opinions will stay simple minded. bye."
Adjective descriptive of someone being "all over it"
Yo, that nigga is pressed for that girl.
by P Diddy April 25, 2003
Derived from either "pressed for time" or "hard pressed"... it basically means you're obsessed or desperately in love with somebody.
Yo, he's so pressed for her.
by dtpark June 04, 2004
Bein extremely obsessed over somethin to the point where it gets annoyin
She was too fuckin pressed when da nigga she liked asked her out

"tiffany! quit bein so fuckin pressed cuz u got ur hair done!"

she was pressin on wut to wear for da party tat night
by Lakeisha April 30, 2003
poked, shagged, boned, penertrated, fucked
Don't take it out on me cuz your girl got pressed by a next man
by simon45 October 26, 2008
To make a fool of someone else; To be made a fool of; To prove wrong; To embarrass/be embarrassed; Total and undeniable dominance over a person.
Dude, I was getting pressed at Halo 3 last night.
by Rnips May 27, 2010
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