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Incestuous, boxing, sovereign ring wearing, tracksuited shaven headed scumbags. Girls wear bellytops (Even if they're 15 stone), guys are small, jewelry and violence are rampant. Enjoy having children with sisters, looking at you with squinty eyes and scaring people. In many places refers to SCUMBAGS in general, and good travellers are not covered by the word - depening where you're from.
"C'mear yow, give oos a fooking Yaro boss or I'll fooking box ya" said the knacker.
by Mickey Joe Harte September 20, 2003
Irish term of affection for general scum (low lifes). Originally originating from a term of reference for travellers. But nowadays covering whole spectrum of degenerates. Inbreeding is commonplace and your mother can often be your sister.
He's my fightin partner
I'll make a fanny outta your forhEad sham!
Hey baoy, how's your hole baoy!
by ross canning February 20, 2005
Members of the Irish Traveling community with nothing better to do than steal hub caps off cars, wear tattered clothing or pointlessly beat businesses signs with sticks.
Popular knacker names include Francie and John-Joe.

Another meaning of the term "Knacker" can roughly be equated with the English term Ned, ie, a person who wears nothing but Nike, Adidas or Puma gear, stands on the corner of the local Mac Donalds all evening trying to intimadate young children who walk by.

Generaly however, all members of both Knacker sub-divisions display complete ignorance of all civilisied culture.
That fuckin knacker stole my car radio and hub caps.

Ya filthy dirty knacker...get away from my hub caps!
by John F January 27, 2004
Someone who is found smoking a joint down the back of Dublin Bus i.e the 13A
During the bus journey they will treat the other passengers to all the ringtones in their mobile phone. Mainly up to date rubbish dance tunes, e.g eric prydz call on me.
did you see that knacker down the back of the 13a?
by wexy December 21, 2004
Multifarious word with a plethora of uses. Can mean

A) very tired (of a person, usually in past tense),
B) broken or injured (of a thing or body part, usually in past tense),
C) testicle, singular (knackers plural),
D) a person who kills and disposes old and worn out horses before they are buried and/or rendered into glue or possibly star in snuff animal porn movies specially made for Danish truckers in Milton Keynes.
I'm knackered. I have knackered my knackers on the knacker's knockers.
by HMB March 16, 2003
A knacker is your general scumbag from Ireland. Males wear caps balanced at an upright angle on their head, at least 5 gold rings and sovereigns on each hand, large gold chains around their necks, matching tracksuits or shirt under Satellite Sports stripey jumper. Adidas, puma, nike or burberry clothing essential to fit crowd. Females wear: Maternity clothes, knacker hoops (large earings that reach from earlobe to shoulder) Prams, belly tops and tracksuits with their knackery fat hanging off the side.

All knackers enjoy "Bockin' da head o' ya, gear, yolks, dope. hub caps, robbing, thieving, lying, transit vans, horses, lifestyle sports, penneys clothes, supermacs, macdonalds, cinemas, crappy civics and puntos. Fighting, rolling up their sleeves.

God I hate knackers.

They also can't read or write, and try to rip you off by selling u a microwaved eight instead of a decent quarter.

They can't speak either.

"Box da nick off ya, lid bollox, bate tha hid off yer showldees. Tum'on, I fite ya. I fite ya! I knife ya! I stikk me daggy in the side ur nick and slit ur throat. I will! Tum'on give us a yaro, go on, I'll fite ya!

I fite ya fo a five-o, bate ya fo a tenno. Ivya have 15 I bewwy ya fo it. An if ya don wan fite me, meh bwodja bate ya fo not chin.
Half of Dublin is filled with knackers

I was mindin' be business and this knacker stabbed me.
by Nakquada (Terri) June 15, 2007
1. A slang term for 'testicles'.
2. A yard where horses are killed for food or glue, short for the "knacker's yard".
3. Sometimes used in place of 'knackered', meaning 'tired' or 'worn out'.
1. He's got his knackers in a twist.
2. We sent Red Rum to the knacker's yard.
3. My knackers are knackers after all that fun in the knacker's.
by Kevin Watkins May 13, 2004
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