To break something
something that's broken
Shit, some twat just knacked the side of my car.
Shit, my cars knackered now.
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
Troublesome-type Travellers.
The dirt of that Knacker's camp
by Foyser April 12, 2005
A knacker is a person with absolutely nothing going for them, but they are so ignorant that they believe they have the best life ever. They're loud, annoying, and pointless wastes of people and a perfect example of how not to act.

They are usually found on street corners, wearing the latest adidas knock-off tracksuit or something from Topman/River Island, and will have a cigarette (John Player Blue) in one hand, and a can of some shit beer in the other.

Best avoided.
Knacker: The dickhead playing shit rave tunes down the back of the bus.
by exgeog10 February 16, 2010
Irish word for Tinker, Gypsy, Traveller...
Look at those knackers in their caravans...
by Cully April 01, 2003
Can be found on street corners betting on anything from two flys on a wall to a game of pitch "n" toss.They usualy stink of Body Odour and look like they slept in their clothes.Most of the settled Knackers actually dress quite well "Chinos and a decent shirt" But usualy dont take them off untill they either fall apart or get covered in tarmac.Around the more rural areas Knackers can be found playin Pool in the local pub, Knackers allways seem to be on the move mostly because where they stop is usualy beside very well to do areas and are quickly moved on after post and other items from the clothes line dissapear.
Knackers like to be around Horses and love selling and buying junk mostly Fireplaces and lawnmowers!
Never underestimate a Knackers Intelligence some of them are suprisingly intelligent and are very cunning by fooling you into a false belief that they are dumb!
Like a Chav, But usualy with more sense "Knackers are usualy very street wise and would buy and sell you"
by JacobFinlay July 02, 2006
Travellers; an Irish subgroup which has the sheer neck to try and designate itself as a "race". They are the Taliban of Ireland; nomadic, Catholic Fundamentalist Separatists who make a living running scams on "settled people", or normal Western-educated, mortgage-paying members of society, who the knackers call "hufferbuffers" or "buffers" i.e. meaning stupid and gullible, in the knacker language called Shelta. Shelta is a made up language designed to hide scamming plans from normal society and they do not teach it to anyone non-Traveller for obvious reasons.

Knackers like to designate themselves as a separate race in order to perpetrate a continuing scam on society. The designations of Travellers (knackers) as poor and underprivileged is a complete lie; they have money coming out their ears and they hide it from the authorities. The dirty caravan trailer they live in sporadically, is a means of hiding the five-bedroom house they have in the neighbouring county.

Knackers are a male-dominant society and they regularly beat women into submission. Knacker women rate a man's fitness by the man's ability to physically subdue them.

Knackers are ruthlessly hateful in their ideology and they are little Catholic clones of Fred Phelps. Testimony of severe beatings targeting the gay and lesbian community, the international community, and the protestant community are all accurate.
I used to have money set aside for my wife's funeral, but the knackers got it when I thought they were going to fix the plumbing.
by disgusted settled woman April 05, 2011
This word USED to mean an Irish traveler and typical scum from Ireland, nowadays it is used as a term to refer to people with a thick dublin accent, wears Burberry, Adidas, Nike, Reebok and other typical sports clothing.

It has become VERY common with youths and the thing is is that older adults still feel it means the same as what it used to. Well, it doesn't.

This word has become as popular as the english term chav, which would probably be a better choice to search for what a knacker means.
That girl is such a knacker, she keeps saying "Howya" and has an Adidas jumper on :O
by CathalRyan October 22, 2010

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