Member of the Irish Travelling community. One of several (very very very) extended families in Ireland who are rumoured in at least one Hollywood production to have descended from ancient High Kings of the country. They certainly act like it. Favourite pastimes for men include hanging around shops and stealing produce, making veiled gay-baiting threats against anyone who tries to catch them out, getting pissed drunk until they puke, getting into turf wars over slights to their alleged honour, and generally acting like a bunch of anti-social parasites who still claim dole money without any semblance of a wish to ever contribute anything to society, while having the brass neck to say they are misunderstood. Favourite pastimes for the women include getting pregnant the first evening in their lives they can (usually by their brothers), getting pissed drunk until they puke, and going on to anyone who will listen about how they represent the old Ireland. They love to talk about their "proud culture". They're proud all right, although few of them would know culture if it bit them on the ass. They certainly know how to siphon off thousands, if not millions, of Euro or pounds sterling of taxpayers' money for weddings, funerals and clan warfare. Favourite mode of transport is either a horse and trap or a Toyota Hiace van. They tend to camp out by the side of this road or that and leave the place thick with rubbish. By way of atonement for all this, they often prove their worthiness as defenders of Old Ireland by becoming brazen Catholic fundamentalists, mainly for the sake of gay-bashing and to distract attention away from their incestuous relationships. They are the darlings of the mass media, and boy do they know it. They are often the subject of exhortations from rich rock stars living in the country, who extol their virtues as next door neighbours. Usually, someone else's next door neighbours.
The knackers were begging at our front door again yesterday after Jimmy gave them our unused table lamp. Soon they'll be coming with clubs.
by Fearman October 19, 2007
1) originaly this was used as a nickname given to the bad members of the traveling community of the united Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland.

2) but now it can be used to describe anyone who is a scumbag/rough, not just travellers

3) also means testicles

see also --- chav, sham, traveller, pikey, scumbag, council estate, football hooligan,
{travelling community}
" these knackers walked into the bar last night, and started a fight when they couldnt get served "
bob - " aw man, theres a bunch of knackers trying to get on the bus... "
billy - " crap... "
"OW !!! godammit, you kicked me right in the knackers !!!"
by Emperor Bubba April 05, 2005
knackers are always associated with the lower class's. they are often associated with new york yankees tracksuits and nike T.N's but those people are actuly most often shams and wannabees. The true knackers wear fila runners and dunlop tracksuits as they cant afford yankees tracksuits or nike T.N's. They like to start fights, get pissed with cheap beer and on tuesdays queing up outside the social welfare office
This place is filthy. all i can see is yankees tracksuits and T.N's. Its a total knackers hole.
by Richard McDonagh November 13, 2006
A morbidly obese person. Someone likley to sweat while eating.
"F*** me, look at that fat knacker"

"i much preferred Elvis before he became a fat knacker"
by dogegg July 04, 2007
knackers are Irelands nomads.they usualy drive around in hiace vans selling carpets and tools and anything they find.And usualy can be found and i quote "riding the pibol" which intells riding a pony around. they normally dress in suites which are used for doing tarmac,sleeping in,and standing around the campfire singing and drinking "putin" which made from spuds and is 100%alchol.
they travel around the country from halting site to halting site.they live in caravans which usualy have 50" t.v's .the halting site is usualy filled with anything from horses,vans,cars and sofas which the've bought and found out that they dont fit in the door of the caravan so the site is as far as they get all these things ar usualy for sale. knackers normally have a dog guarding the halting site which wont let you in unless you no the password "gooddog gooddog gooddog gooddog".knackers love betting on dogs and horses and bar fights.
popular knacker names: pibol johnny,horseface johnny,squareface johnny.
If you are ever buying a anything off a a knacker you are normally called "bossman".
knacker:de ya wan na buy a pibol bossman?
Person:no thanks johnny not today
johnny:ah go wan bossman ill giv it te ye cheap!!!!
by michael mc cormack July 02, 2006
originally term given to travellers/tinkers

now also applied to talk to of Northside Dubliners who are usually poor! drunk! robbing and fighting...working class Dubliner who's a know-all and usually a xenophobe and culchiphobe!
a group of knackers were annoying me in Dorset Street
by Diarmo January 08, 2004
Common term for the population north of the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland. Female of the population comonly attired in matching tracksuits in pastel shades (styled to show off thegunt), large gold hooped earings, much hair regrowth showing in the natural darker shade and an orange tint to the skin. Common accessory is a pram or cigarette.
by Gary July 09, 2003

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