Despite political corectness going to war with honesty and rational thinking, the general perception of travellers remains quite accurate. They are untrustworthy scum who make life hell for genuinely hard working people who are unfortunate enough to have them envade their local green area. They have no respect for the environment and they dont pay for taxis. They solve arguments with violence and marry within their familys.

scumbag- being from either side of the liffey. Despite what the stuck up conceited South siders with delusions of Grandeur think, see snob
there are lots of knackers South of the Liffey in Tallaght, Clondalkin and many other locations.

affectionate mocking term for one who does something revolting yet funny.
"Dont pay for it to be destroyed, sure the knackers will give ye 20 quid for it"

"No mum, I dont want to go to college in Ballyfermot, its full of knackers"

"Sabrina stop pickin your nose ya knacker"
by womoma April 15, 2005
A slang word for a member of the travelling community in Ireland
Knackers sell carpets and drive Ford Transits
by Who's Dat August 27, 2003
originally used for memebers of the travelling community in Ireland..now used generally (in Dublin anyway) to desscribe anti social delinquants..other expressions used in Ireland for them are scum, scumbags, skangers, scobies..
Some knacker smashed up the bus stop last night...all knackers should be sterlised...
by D August 03, 2004
dublin based roughians who go on crazy rampages picking fights with hippies..often found in ballymun..
Knacker: what are u lookin at chief?
Joe: nothing You looked at me..i didnt even notice you there..
Joe:ok byebye..
Knacker:you got a phone with credit??
Knacker:giz your phone..
by bob September 28, 2003
Unpolictically correct name for scumbags. Mainly used in Ireland it describes the gaudy, track suit wearing, urban dwellers who hang out in gangs looking for people to beat up for no reason (male & female), getting drunk in public places (male & female) and getting pregant at age 13 (usually only the females).
You can recognise them by the white baggy tracksuit, white and neon trainers, burberry cap and their refusal to pronounce the end of their words.

Due to the connection of the word "knacker" to the traveling community, the slightly more PC term "Skanger" is often used.
Female knacker "You were bleedin shoii in bed anyway so shut yer gob"
Male knacker: " ah would ya ever f**k off, sure I only rode ya in me car".
by Elffy October 11, 2007
Super useless,Lazy,Aurgumenitive,Smelly,Inbred,Van driving(usually less than a year old),Waster that lives off the irish state.Never work,but will bum off anyone.Always says they don't have money,but drive new vans every 6 months.Breaks laws to suit themself.Greatest asset to them is imitidation.Loud and forever fighting.Never can tell the truth
Those Knackers sre at it again
by gerry80 October 04, 2003
This is actually a word to describe the gypsie community who originally travelled around making their money by mending buckets and other metal objects. Now used to describe memebers of the travelling community who steal stuff and sell bags of sugar while passing them off as other objects.
by JimmyC October 30, 2003

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