Top Definition
1. Exhausted
2. Sexually spent
3. Reprimanded
4. Broken / malfunctional
1. I was knackered when I got in from work.
2. After my seventh ejaculation I was well and truly knackered.
3. The teacher caught us smoking and now we're going to get really knackered.
4. I tried to fix my dad's PC but now it's more knackered than ever.
by Dan Fox June 12, 2003
Exhausted. now can be used entirely freely of any sexual connection.
I'm absolutley knackered, i've been working all day.
by zimo August 15, 2004
spent, near death.
Origin from 'knacker's yard' where one took old horses to become pots of glue.
On my feet all day and I'm knackered.
by Quas1 September 11, 2008
to run out of energy during an endurance sporting event; to "bonk".
The rider forgot to eat before the last climb of the day and he was completely knackered half way up.
by Entheo June 28, 2009
When you have recently blown your load and are very down and tired.
"Hey Brad you want a blow Job" - Molly
"Im still knackered from when we had sex 30 mins ago" - Brad
by MassiveLad July 18, 2016
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