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-A guy who is not the nicest guy in the world.

-Usually synonymous with "douche bag" or "jerk."

-A guy who is two-faced, and who lies.

-He appears to be charming and sweet, but underneath that facade he is garbage.

-Girls tend to like him, because a "kevin" is also, by definition, good-looking, but he is bit too well-groomed.

-Many people think that he is homosexual, when really he is just a feminine male.
Girl 1: Wow, I thought I really liked that guy but now I realize that he totally stabbed me in the back.

Girl 2: Forget about him, he's such a kevin.
by oregonbabe May 12, 2010
A jerk of a guy who has little to no self control or common sense. He is completely inept in every way. He is an unattractive guy, crass and ignorant. A Kevin is a disloyal sort, if given the chance he will turn on you like a rabid dog. Don't ever trust a Kevin. He will take you for everything he can, use you up and toss you aside.
Kevin is an ugly guy with a bad attitude, avoid him like the plague.
by The Good Wife February 03, 2010
Likes to be raped. Also the act of raping .
Lets 'Kevin' that guy
by sidjosdj August 13, 2010
the process of licking cum off a horses asshole, bathing a naked old man, yelling nigger to all black women, and finally to perform the act of karate chopping off your own penis
the other day jeremy totally destroyed us in guitar hero by executing a kevin
by i forgot my name1337 October 27, 2010
Someone who is into Fembots. Wants to make love to them and lusts after them. Mainly Arcee from Transformers.
Kevin is in love with Arcee
by the god Primus March 27, 2010
A guy,usually with blonde hair, who is very chunky and is a very big jerk who likes to cheat.
Look at the guy over there he is such a kevin.

That chunky guy is such a kevin, his blonde hair is nasty!
by LacieCElis January 19, 2011


kevin.adjv;,to kevin,is to fabricate lies about someone on the internet,usually they are spinless losers,who will spend a lot of time trying to fix their girl probs lol..

can be seen a mile off you know a kevin when u see one..

kevin will always be that smelly kid in class ,(WHO CALLS U NAMES?!WTF!0.O) & who never goes away until u punch him or call him out for wat he is..

spends his days on the internet showing porn to children or child like ppl..and cussing ppl out cos he is a no lifer..
by gutteral:( January 10, 2010