Likes to be raped. Also the act of raping .
Lets 'Kevin' that guy
by sidjosdj August 13, 2010
a person with a very small dick, who sucks sac and jacks off to betty white everyday.
kevin is a faggott and should go get a dick transplant because its so small
by superchrisbrown October 09, 2010
Kevin- A sexy assed curly haired boy. He is amazing in every sense of the word. He extremely smart and is also amazing at sports, he is very athletic making his body toned and muscely. He is sweet kind and funny. He is a sound guy and all the girls want him, but he is shy. He does not like too much attention and is a bit of a flirt. He will stay faithful to his girl and make sure she knows she's beautiful and sexy. He is an utter babe. When talking about boys, girls sometimes refer to them as a Kevin!
Female 1: He's the best looking lad in out school!
Female 2: But yet he's so sweet and doesn't think he's good gift.
Male 1: I'd turn gay for him any day.
Female 1: He's so athletic and his ass is Soooo sexy.
Female 3: I'm so glad he's mine.
Female 2: You'v got yourself a Kevin ;)
by Ginger nerd.... :) September 17, 2011
Kevin happens to be a cutie, and he wants to annoy you often whenether you see him.. so he holds your hand. Known for being nice for most of the time, & you'll like/love him!
Random Girl: Hey did you see Kevin lately; I want to talk to him.
Kevin's Friend: Yeahhhh, he's down the hallway, but be careful. He'll hold your hand later.

Random Girl: Ok! *thinks: YAY! :D*
by TwinkWinkThatDude June 20, 2011
A guy who likes 2 guy 3-ways and touches sacks with the other guy
Dude last night I was really wasted and I pulled a Kevin! I'm really ashamed...
by killazilla200 July 21, 2010
Always the less-hot twin. Likes to eat cookies and is a completely incompetent fantasy sports manager.

Probably has an STD.
"He gave you what?? Is it treatable?? Damnnnn what a Kevin!"
by Truthiness12 February 18, 2010
a kid who thinks he is the shit, can get extremely annoying, dates ugly fat annoying girls, has a vampire/elvis wana be haircut that he thinks is cool, tries to dress gangster when he is the farthest thing from it, is a bit fat.
Kevin you think your hot shit when your NOT!
by mmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee2 January 12, 2009

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