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a person with a very small dick, who sucks sac and jacks off to betty white everyday.
kevin is a faggott and should go get a dick transplant because its so small
by superchrisbrown October 09, 2010
290 234
A guy who likes 2 guy 3-ways and touches sacks with the other guy
Dude last night I was really wasted and I pulled a Kevin! I'm really ashamed...
by killazilla200 July 21, 2010
329 274
Always the less-hot twin. Likes to eat cookies and is a completely incompetent fantasy sports manager.

Probably has an STD.
"He gave you what?? Is it treatable?? Damnnnn what a Kevin!"
by Truthiness12 February 18, 2010
228 175
A Guy Who Likes To Suck Dick Yet Claims He Likes Girls. A Great Friend. Can Be A Biatch. Funny. Mean. Good At Soccer. A Man Whore.
Kevin Is A Common Name.
by Xanthe. February 14, 2010
229 182
1. recognizable by their red hair and face. has a box shaped body like a box of cereal but thats just due to a kevins excessive weight. kevins were irish until they were all disowned for forcing themselves on men and drinking semen. they are also well-known for their one inch dicks.
2. the noise a fart makes
3. a male that has a drying effect on vaginas
4. the hole at the tip of a penis.
boy: "That was the loudest kevin I've ever heard a fart make."

Kevin: "Suck my dick."
Girl: "I can't find it."

Girl: "I was horny until I saw Kevin."
by ilikeicecreamlots January 30, 2009
278 236
a kid who thinks he is the shit, can get extremely annoying, dates ugly fat annoying girls, has a vampire/elvis wana be haircut that he thinks is cool, tries to dress gangster when he is the farthest thing from it, is a bit fat.
Kevin you think your hot shit when your NOT!
by mmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee2 January 12, 2009
282 240
Someone who's always smiling no matter what the circumstances. Someone who never judges anyone. Someone whom is always there for you through thick and thin. A goofy, silly guy who loves cracking jokes at the most awkward, yet somehow appropriate, moments. A tall guy who looks like a greek god. The love of my life.
I wish I could date a Kevin.
by EEKPWT June 16, 2011
79 41