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A way of saying you agree with someone.
Tom: Man, what a rough day.
Tim: Tell me about it.
by TheForgottenSpark November 14, 2006
294 31
When somebody sais something about the situation your in and its obvious you be like Yeah tell me bout it or when something is said that is obvious
Mannn we been waitin in line for like an hour
Yeah tell me bout it
by hatabitchsmacka February 05, 2004
118 84
1) A way of stating that they're talking about something you know very well or agree with.
2) A way of stating that they're actually talking about you. (Often used as sarcasm).
Ben: Punching hurts people
Frank: Tell me about it!

Ben: Did you tell her about your "problems"
Frank: Being god-like isn't a problem
Ben: Tell me about it
by Aprimez November 14, 2011
44 19
Said when talking about something you've experienced.
I hate when he does this.
Tell me about it.
by krisk July 09, 2012
21 15