a kid who thinks he is the shit, can get extremely annoying, dates ugly fat annoying girls, has a vampire/elvis wana be haircut that he thinks is cool, tries to dress gangster when he is the farthest thing from it, is a bit fat.
Kevin you think your hot shit when your NOT!
by mmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee2 January 12, 2009
1. recognizable by their red hair and face. has a box shaped body like a box of cereal but thats just due to a kevins excessive weight. kevins were irish until they were all disowned for forcing themselves on men and drinking semen. they are also well-known for their one inch dicks.
2. the noise a fart makes
3. a male that has a drying effect on vaginas
4. the hole at the tip of a penis.
boy: "That was the loudest kevin I've ever heard a fart make."

Kevin: "Suck my dick."
Girl: "I can't find it."

Girl: "I was horny until I saw Kevin."
by ilikeicecreamlots January 30, 2009
A major man whore who likes to take it up the ass. Aslo a total diva who will eat you alive. His sister is amazing
Omg he is totally being a kevin!
by Old greg the third August 01, 2010
MAN WITH A REALLY small!!! dICK. that sucks sac. and jacks off to men
omggggg that kid kevin has a small dickkk :D mhmmmmmm
by chris brownnn October 09, 2010
Kevin is basically the best boyfriend ever. He's understanding, caring, and a great listener. You can act like a five year old with him but also have heart to heart conversations. Kevin has his struggles but always puts other people first. He acts strong but has a tendency to break down and not ask for help. He has the best eyes and personality. He can always manage to make you smile. Kevin is the sweetest, funniest, most amazing guy you will ever meet. It is extraordinarily easy to fall in love with his cute, sweet, and incredible self.
Friend: My boyfriend is so amazing!
Other friend: He must be a Kevin!
by she-justtakessomegluetostay March 25, 2013
A man who, after setting his eyes upon a girl, will chase her till the end of time. Women complain that this type of man is often difficult to find.
by St0rM June 13, 2011
Kevin is someone who is great at keeping relationships. His dark brown hair makes people jealous. He is extremely funny and sarcastic. He is mean sometimes, but can be a sweetheart. His eyes are wonderful and beautiful to look into. His gentle touch is irresistible. Kevin has the most amazing voice in the world. He also smells like Heaven. He is sweet and alluring. He is someone who i have completely fallen in love with, and a lot of people like him. When he touches you, you melt and when he looks into your eyes, or even just looks at you, you fall even more madly in love with him. He is the most amazing guy in the universe and he is my soul mate.
Her: Hey, my boyfriend is like your Kevin.

Me: Yeah, i have the best Kevin in the world.
by kandj0529 March 25, 2012

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