Someone who's always smiling no matter what the circumstances. Someone who never judges anyone. Someone whom is always there for you through thick and thin. A goofy, silly guy who loves cracking jokes at the most awkward, yet somehow appropriate, moments. A tall guy who looks like a greek god. The love of my life.
I wish I could date a Kevin.
by EEKPWT June 16, 2011
A man whore who is kinda hot
Cant gets the girl he wants but can get the girls other guys want

Is good at being a fucking douchbag

Has a fairly large dick
Who is that man whore?

Oh i think he is a kevin
by Hqtertotal September 23, 2009
an old fashioned dildo used in Ancient Greece that was made of wood; they went out of style due to women getting splinters in their vaginas
Greek Girl: "Have you tried those new Kevins?"
Greek Girl 2: "No, but my grandma had to go to the medicine man after using her Kevin."
by oatie January 29, 2009
Kevin is basically the best boyfriend ever. He's understanding, caring, and a great listener. You can act like a five year old with him but also have heart to heart conversations. Kevin has his struggles but always puts other people first. He acts strong but has a tendency to break down and not ask for help. He has the best eyes and personality. He can always manage to make you smile. Kevin is the sweetest, funniest, most amazing guy you will ever meet. It is extraordinarily easy to fall in love with his cute, sweet, and incredible self.
Friend: My boyfriend is so amazing!
Other friend: He must be a Kevin!
by she-justtakessomegluetostay March 25, 2013
A Kevin is a type of guy that one could probably catch watching bizarre movies like Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. The typical Kevin spends most of his time looking for a female (or male) counterpart to explore pornographic fantasies with him.

These fantasies include, but are limited to:
Orgies (MMF, FFM, etc....etc.)
Double penetration
Titty fucking

A Kevin often asks strangely obvious questions to the female (or male) he is courting. Sometimes it is easy for the Kevin to fall into complete obsession. At this point, the prey of the said Kevin should immediately cut all possible contact to avoid being exposed to any infectious matter. If such exposure does occur, the afflicted individual must be hospitalized over night.
"You alive?"
"That's such a Kevin thing to say..."

"You look indisposed. Have you been exposed to a Kevin lately?"
by verysweet10B April 18, 2010
a guy that will seem like a great guy but will later back stab you and deny everything. according to him it will always be your fault.
have you seen the ass kevin?
by bitchy like always May 05, 2009
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