The lint at the top of your ass-crack that compiles there by the end of the day. Usually caused by boxers or cotton underwear.
I got mad jit up in my ass.

To get rid of jit, place your thumb and your index finger at the top of your ass-crack and pull. And there it is!
by Martita Papita June 27, 2010
Jew tit.
He wouldn't stop when I asked him to, so I hit him with my jit.
by krisslynn May 08, 2010
Another word for shit.
You have jit on you. Oh jit.
by carloslopez March 09, 2010
Simplified term used to ask one of your boys if they would have sex with a specific female.
"Yo Leroy....jit dat fine ass female over there?''
by Tonio1124 January 29, 2010
a slang word for a Jews tits, or Jewish Tits.
Look at The Jits On Ryan, O MY!
by mynutsmysnow January 07, 2010
Younger kids (usually middle skoolers) who think theyre ghetto, hood, skater, stoner, and/or surfer. They use the old and killed joke, Your Mom, even when it makes zero sense. Boy jits usually wear overly baggy jeans, have buzzcuts or moppy long hair, havent or barely have hit puberty and are shorter then the skanks they hang out with. They try to say "bro", "dude", or "man" in every sentence. Girl jits usually try to act ghetto and or hood and like total sluts when they are skanky. They listen to Lil Wayne, Akon, etc. They wear ridiculously short shorts and other small clothing and Nike Airs.
Boy Jit- Hey bro whats good dude today i skated and hung out with Kristi and got totally stoned on some keyboard cleaner it was radical dude wanna go surfin tommorrow bro?
by Wtf Mike January 28, 2009
Orgasm, cum, man juice, baby batter
"Greg, thanks for paying for the hooker bro, now are we both gonna jit on her?"
by Michael102772 February 02, 2008

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