Orgasm, cum, man juice, baby batter
"Greg, thanks for paying for the hooker bro, now are we both gonna jit on her?"
by Michael102772 February 02, 2008
Male masturbation. To jack off. To stroke a penis.
I'm gonna go to my room and j it.
by barristo October 12, 2006
idiot, a very stupid person
You forgot the soda? You're such a jit!
by diaperpins April 19, 2015
Another word for shit.
You have jit on you. Oh jit.
by carloslopez March 09, 2010
Simplified term used to ask one of your boys if they would have sex with a specific female.
"Yo Leroy....jit dat fine ass female over there?''
by Tonio1124 January 29, 2010
a slang word for a Jews tits, or Jewish Tits.
Look at The Jits On Ryan, O MY!
by mynutsmysnow January 07, 2010
A hiphop dance. Originating from jazz and tap dance. It is fast moving footwork. Most claim it originates from DETROIT.
Detroit it's the home of the jit...

he be jittin.
by Nick February 08, 2005

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