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a young muthafucka that don't know shit
man that fool a jit
by jason June 11, 2004
The term jit is originally prison slang. It just means somebody younger than you. However, it is most often used to refer to young thugs/wannabe thugs or other punky kids. For instance, you wouldn't call your 10-year-old cousin a jit.
If you leave your car there, those jits will steal your spinners.
by yep July 17, 2004
Another word for Kid, youngsta
All these Jits around here taking over the hood orginated in FLORIDA
by Woods November 08, 2003
Juvenile In Training

Any juvenile who doesn't know how to act right, and still needs grown-up training

Like most these young jit's on here who say shit without really knowing what it stands for or means.
Example 1: Younger fellow (Doing anything juveniles (kids) would be doing example: (Being disrespectful) or (On urbandictionary mis-defining words)

Older fellow "A jit stop with all that bullshit before I go get your momma"

Example 2: Older fellow "A jit clean that mess up before you get your ass Chris Browned"
by KB24Tampa May 23, 2010
Miami and southern Florida slang for a "young gangster".
"Time to get them young jits jumped into the crew"
by O.G. Jym-E "N.VA" November 24, 2007
A young person, usually between the ages of 12 and 15, that thinks they are alot older/cooler than they actually are. Often can be found at the mall or movie theater on a friday night in groups of 5-10.

How to spot a jit...
girls- seen wearing too much makeup, clothes that do not fit correctly, and a fake designer purse
boys- often a foot or so shorter than the girl, seen wearing the most "ganster" clothes possible even though they are often rich young white kids
I counted at least 20 jits as I was walking through Town Center Mall today.

Man! This place used to be so fun to hang out at...not it's overrun by gits!
by Lizzy-Bear January 30, 2005
Acronym for song "Jump" aka Jump in the stands written by and performed by former Green Bay Packer, Robert Brooks. JITS is a great song to play to get your friends fired up before Badger Football games and trips to the bar.

With enough alcohol (Preferably beer out of a basket or Gin shooters) JITS can be turned into an adjective to describe anything.
Hey Tyler, how about you fire some JITS on before the Badgers game

Hey Alex, how about we fire some JITS on so Tyler will get his ass off the front porch and back in here drinking

As an adjective:

Hey Bourque, sorry about you bed sheets, but Katch JITSed all over them.

I can't believe John JITSed out of here and to the Laundromat ......... must have been too much hot sauce.
by Jarvis Shoelaces October 03, 2005
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