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Orgasm, cum, man juice, baby batter
"Greg, thanks for paying for the hooker bro, now are we both gonna jit on her?"
by Michael102772 February 02, 2008
Acronym for "Just In Time." A Technique used to boost the runtime performance of a computer.
That technician jit my computer for free.
by Mark Kessel January 13, 2008
Noun. Synonym for semen, derived from the colloquialism jitbag, or condom.
"Kates post-coital bliss was shattered when she discovered, to her horror, that her boyfriend had desposited a massive load of jit on her new and ridiculously overpriced Ralph Lauren comforter.
by Doctor Chatnoir September 28, 2004
Same thing as Jiz if you're from Jersey
by Exit 4 September 14, 2003
Juggalo/Juggalette in training. Someone who is working on getting down with the clown, but isn't quite there yet.
Juggalo to another who is down with the clown: This is my girlfriend. Right now, she's a J.I.T.

Other Juggalo/Juggalette: Alright! It's nice to see more people getting down with the clown.


J.I.T.: Yeah I was listening to Boogie Woogie Wu by ICP.

Passing by Juggalo/Juggalette: WHOOP WHOOP!

J.I.T.: Whoop Whoop! Right now I'm just a Juggalette in training, but I'm definatly going to be down with the clown till I'm dead in the ground!
by KickYourAssGarduno September 07, 2010
Simplified term used to ask one of your boys if they would have sex with a specific female.
"Yo Leroy....jit dat fine ass female over there?''
by Tonio1124 January 29, 2010
a slang word for a Jews tits, or Jewish Tits.
Look at The Jits On Ryan, O MY!
by mynutsmysnow January 07, 2010