The lint at the top of your ass-crack that compiles there by the end of the day. Usually caused by boxers or cotton underwear.
I got mad jit up in my ass.

To get rid of jit, place your thumb and your index finger at the top of your ass-crack and pull. And there it is!
by Martita Papita June 27, 2010
Jew tit.
He wouldn't stop when I asked him to, so I hit him with my jit.
by krisslynn May 08, 2010
in florida, often used to describe girls with the first name chrissy or last name spears
a person younger than you
a person shorter than you
a little kid who is a "thug"
chrissy spears is a jit
that little thugin kid is a jit
wow! look at that jit. he's like 4 feet tall
by floyd :D October 12, 2009
Juvenile In Trouble. From the corrections system, often used by one kid in detention refering to another, usually younger deliquent.
"Quit acting like a fool, you little jit!"
by antstomp August 09, 2006
jesus in theory, for those that don't believe in jesus as fact.
Thank Jit (instead of Thank Jesus or Thank God)
by enchantedbeth June 07, 2006
Jew In Training....A person who is not jewish but acts like one....Someboday who is EXTREMELY money concsious, a.k.a stingy or cheap.....Someone who wants to be jewish.....
Austin is a JIT! His parents pay for gas but he still walks or rides his bike to save money, he can't afford dollar slices!
by C-Loc April 18, 2006
(N.)someone whose perceive as a kid
She got a jit nd all but it's str8...
by Fla Boyz October 25, 2011
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