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corrupted use of the word "when," often used by those less educated or those surrounded by less educated people; this is not the definition of the actual, correct, use of whenever as in "Whenever I go to Bills house, I smell something weird"
I saw a snake at 3pm, whenever I went to my friends house yesterday.

You knocked on the door whenever the movie started.
by zingerhoff August 16, 2009
Sometime between now and infinity
Person 1: "Come over whenever"
Person 2: "When is whenever"
Person 1: "Some time between now and infinity. Or when you feel like it. Which should be some time between now and infinity."
by DomDelirious July 10, 2012
When NerF says whenever he means: December 24, 2004
Artesh: you said whenever
by Napo December 24, 2004
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