From the world of bicycle racing, a jit is an acronym for "junior in training".
If you show up at a race and forget something imperative like say, helmet, front wheel, well you busted a JIT move , stupid jit!
Look at mikes legs, the boy can't shave 'em right, what a jit!
by Julian Hine June 22, 2004
someone younger than u, kids
look at all dese jits...
by tara January 05, 2004
South African Cape coloured slang for something that is really cool or sweet
Yoh that new Eminem track is Jits! (obviously a joke)
by ultrachris2000 September 30, 2010
Juggalo/Juggalette in training. Someone who is working on getting down with the clown, but isn't quite there yet.
Juggalo to another who is down with the clown: This is my girlfriend. Right now, she's a J.I.T.

Other Juggalo/Juggalette: Alright! It's nice to see more people getting down with the clown.


J.I.T.: Yeah I was listening to Boogie Woogie Wu by ICP.

Passing by Juggalo/Juggalette: WHOOP WHOOP!

J.I.T.: Whoop Whoop! Right now I'm just a Juggalette in training, but I'm definatly going to be down with the clown till I'm dead in the ground!
by KickYourAssGarduno September 07, 2010
to say that something is legitimate.
Josh: "hey there's this really sweet club down on 22nd street, with free hookers!"
John (with skepticism): "Dude, is that jit?"
Josh: "yeah totally! They're all over 50!"
by SatyaDevi May 20, 2008
a jitterbug. a new arrival in Prison that is jittery about their new situation.
Dat jit better settle down before he gets punkd.
by Ray April 16, 2004
Ugly Child
The Jit was immature.
by dfjg December 05, 2003

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