Ugly Child
The Jit was immature.
by dfjg December 05, 2003
Abbreviation of the word "shit." Can also be followed by the suffix "head" (i.e. Jit-Head) to describe someone who constantly acts like a shit-head.
"Did somebody fucking fart?! It smells like jit in here!"

"I know who broke your disco ball... It was that fucking jit-head down the street. We should go cave in his skull and kill his whole family."
by Charles DeMar September 16, 2003
1: A degrading name for a person of Jewish decent, or somone who practices the Jewish religon.

2: A Jewish tit.
1: Look at Carl hoarding those pennies, hes such a fucking jit!

2: Is that hook nose over there playing with her jits?
by Dick Lick and the Pussycat November 05, 2010
Used as a mild herb in medicines
u got somma dat jit boi
by jared November 07, 2003
A dance involving a moving of the foot/ leg.
We was at a party and we had t jit.
by Brandon June 06, 2003
The act of attempting to push out a shit so hard that one's prostate gland gets stimulated causing one to flacidly ejaculate...thus resulting in a Jit, see also Shiz
My roomate pooped so hard that he came unexpectedly resulting in a Jit
by Sacuand0710 May 08, 2008
From the world of bicycle racing, a jit is an acronym for "junior in training".
If you show up at a race and forget something imperative like say, helmet, front wheel, well you busted a JIT move , stupid jit!
Look at mikes legs, the boy can't shave 'em right, what a jit!
by Julian Hine June 22, 2004

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