Ejaculate; semen; especially, when used in a casual or derogatory manner.
I came too soon 'cause my balls were full of jit.
by Mad Matt August 09, 2007
It's a Philadelphia (PA) word for spooge, your load, cum, that white stuff.
Eat my Jit.
Shut up, Jit lips.
You're a Jit stain.
The best part of your father's jit ran down his leg.
My Jit's backing up.
Last night, my Jit hit my forehead.
by JimInPhila June 13, 2007
Noun. Synonym for semen, derived from the colloquialism jitbag, or condom.
"Kates post-coital bliss was shattered when she discovered, to her horror, that her boyfriend had desposited a massive load of jit on her new and ridiculously overpriced Ralph Lauren comforter.
by Doctor Chatnoir September 28, 2004
male ejaculate. see cum, jism, goo, wad
I've never heard of "jit" being used for a kid...except by child-molestors who talk about jitting on a kid.
by Fo Shizzle My Nizzle June 08, 2004
Same thing as Jiz if you're from Jersey
by Exit 4 September 14, 2003
All these tiny little jits be wanting to wear my shoes. Aint got the slightest of clues or even paid my dues.
by skill August 09, 2003
Philadelphia slang for cum, jizz. Based on the word jit bag which is a used condom and jit eye meaning to shoot cum in somebody's eye while getting a blow job
Wipe up that jit off your stomach after your done jerking off man!
by Jake350 January 17, 2010

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