It's a Philadelphia (PA) word for spooge, your load, cum, that white stuff.
Eat my Jit.
Shut up, Jit lips.
You're a Jit stain.
The best part of your father's jit ran down his leg.
My Jit's backing up.
Last night, my Jit hit my forehead.
by JimInPhila June 13, 2007
JIT an acronym for Jew In Training.
That kid is such a little jit, all he wants is money.
by Kay.P July 23, 2014
Philadelphia slang for cum, jizz. Based on the word jit bag which is a used condom and jit eye meaning to shoot cum in somebody's eye while getting a blow job
Wipe up that jit off your stomach after your done jerking off man!
by Jake350 January 17, 2010
Ejaculate; semen; especially, when used in a casual or derogatory manner.
I came too soon 'cause my balls were full of jit.
by Mad Matt August 09, 2007
A derogitory term used to describe people who participate in musical theatre, or people who are theatrical in general. This term is very common in certain parts of Maine, but is used most frequently in Aquib's pants.
"Wow, look at those hand gestures! She's a total jit!"
by natedamenk November 03, 2011
(N.)someone whose perceive as a kid
She got a jit nd all but it's str8...
by Fla Boyz October 25, 2011
is someone that is younger than you, either male or female. they act younger;
look younger; in general ARE younger.
think they know everything that an older more exprienced mind does.

Senior: "This SAT is hard as a mothaf*cker!"

8th grader: "I know what you mean!?"

Senior: "Shut up you little JIT! You don't know sh*t about being a Senior or SAT's, so get your sh*t straight and stick to your 8th grade math, mkay?!"

8th grader: *Crys like a little JIT*
by Vnastyy October 07, 2008

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