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started in chicago.Usually done to a juke beat.A Fast pace motion of the feet in dance battles and parties.
Yo footwork raw as hell.Shawty got dem at
by Elicia July 08, 2006
A dance that originated in Chicago , were you rapidly move your feet and legs rythmicaly.
Not Enuf knows how to Foot Work.
by JRC. July 22, 2006
type of dancin in da chi moving ya legs real fast
it's in missy video lose control throughout da whole video
they was foot workin in the club all night
by juicyt February 20, 2006
the shoes or sneakers that a person is wearing, especially ones that look really nice/expensive and are hard to find.
check my footwork, stop lookin at 'em hard ya aint got these
by rbklassic April 23, 2006
An Atlanta based word describing an exclusive pair of kicks.
Check my foot work, you aint got these.
by siedah November 03, 2005
footwork: any shoes, sneakers, or any of the like that a person is wearing or owns
Joe: Check out Fred's footwork!!
Sam: Hell yeah, I aint even seen those Jordans yet!!
by yella boii February 02, 2006
This word originates in the hood back in the day when people would be breakdancin and doin footwork see?
fancy footwork my friend
by yoda April 05, 2004
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