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A word which in the English Language has 28 meanings as seen on QI. the British Comedy panel show which is Quite Interesting


It is a measuring device (a jigger of rum), a handcar, a sail, a small weight, a snooker rest, a type of flea, a prison cell, a boot-sole polisher, an old-looking person, a distillery, a penis, a copper's knife, a potter's wheel, a back passage (allyway or anus, a lathe, a woman's coat, a sieve, a dancer, a pulley, a door, a thingummy, a golf club, a ouija board, a policeman, and a vagina.
Liverpool that jigger (allyway) is too dark and scary.

I had my finger in her jigger vagina
by Figleaf February 01, 2013
A jewish version of the "wigger."
There's dat jigger, thinking he's black and shit.
by wenishols April 14, 2011
One who jigs, or makes jig-like movements.
Carson--stop bouncing around. You're such a jigger!
by Tyrannasaurus July 09, 2010
Jigger's an otha word for Homie, Normally used in Coastal City Karachi, Pakistan.
wat up jigger! get ur pitbull n lets low ride.
by 2018's Bang June 14, 2010
A person of Japanese ancestry who displays a strong desire to emulate African American Hip Hop culture and style through "Bling-Bling" fashion and generally accepted "thug life" guiding principles.
by JiggaWiggaKigga March 07, 2010
A crazy black guy/jew.
That jigger is really getting on my nerves stealing all of my money and fried chicken.
by Nick6776 July 14, 2009
A black jewish person they are very rare if you find one i recomend taking a picture and calling up the newspaper.
The jigger just commited murder and then stole their change which was stupid cause they only had a penny.
by petunia68 May 13, 2009