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The art of picking up babes, performed by luring them in with bait like temptations(like fishing). Babes reeled are often times older then the pursuer. Common bait used is smart water, corn dogs or any 7/11 delicacy.
Man, I can't believe he reeled her. He is so much younger then her. I wonder what he used as reeling tactics.
by storts October 14, 2011
When someone is wearing pants with a word on the butt and one of the letters is sucked in between their cheeks. The word rebel, for example, becomes reel.
That girl is reel! She's reelin' it up!
by ClitsRus April 21, 2008
To spin round and round, often rock 'n' rolling in a particularly cookin' manner.
Chris Tucker Voice Oh my god, man! Did you see that shit?! He can reel and rock like a mother fucker!
by Green Will December 12, 2003
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