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1. (v.) To break in (as into the White House) with a crow bar, jimmying the door, etc., as Barack Obama, or into own's own home, as Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

2. (n.) A jiggerboo (jiggaboo, jigga) - a black person.
"If I was trying to jigger my way in... well, I guess this is my house now, so..."

"Ha, ha! Barack, you're sooo funny!"

"Yeah, well, around here, I'd get shot."

"Did you see that jigger across the street trying to break into our neighbor's house?"

"Nah, that's just Harry Gates."
by jigga99 July 23, 2009
A black jew.
"He's a jew?!? But he's BLACK!!"
"That's called a Jigger."
by Gino0o0o0o0o0o June 10, 2009
In Golf, it is a pitching wedge. PW/10
I am in the sand trap, please get me the jigger.
by Hank B. McCoy May 12, 2007
A Jewish nigger.
Man, that stupid jigger.
by Semir March 08, 2008
A jello loving nigger
Basically, Bill Cosby is a jigger.
by Spearchuckin Tarbaby November 09, 2009
Jigger means to fondle a man's balls. To play with a male's private parts just for pure entertainment value.
"I want to jigger him so badly."

by FATKID101 January 08, 2009
One who skips school or other related activities, commonly used in the Maritime Provinces of Canada.
Cody is such a jigger, i haven't seen him yet this month in school.
by ModHaxor November 10, 2008