A jewish black person.

A black person that looks jewish possibly sporting glasses and short dreads that look like jew locks.

Just a more specific insult alike to nigger or wigger
So youre black AND Jewish?...

Dude did you see that black dude? He was a wicked jigger.

Dude your such a jigger!
by BugalooBlue April 29, 2009
A sloppily rolled cigarette that is constructed with something unordinary rather than cigarette papers.

A Cigarette rolled with construction paper, sticky notes, book paper, newspaper, etc.
Man 1- What in Tar nation did you roll that jigger with?
Man 2- A page from the bargain sheet... I ran out of papers.
by Raggity Al August 29, 2006
1) A black gangsta kid who surprisingly happens to be Jewish.

2) A mysteriously Jewish black person.
1) Jacob: "Dude, Tyrone is such a jigger!" Abel:"Tyronne is Jewish?"

2) Abel: "Wait... so Peter Wang's mom is black, and his Dad is Chinese? How did he end up Jewish?" Jacob: "I don't get it either"
by Ben Phelps October 25, 2005
M-W for balance.
*interesting use for UK (above)

Main Entry: 1jig·ger
Pronunciation: 'ji-g&r
Function: noun
Date: 1675
1 : one that jigs or operates a jig
2 : any of several sails
3 : JIG 3a
4 a (1) : a mechanical device usually with a jerky reciprocating motion (2) : a mold or a machine incorporating a revolving mold on which ceramic items (as plates) are formed b : GADGET, DOODAD
5 : a measure used in mixing drinks that usually holds 1 to 2 ounces (30 to 60 milliliters)


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Main Entry: 2jigger
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps from Wolof jiga insect
Date: 1781


Main Entry: 3jigger
Function: verb
Etymology: frequentative of 2jig
Date: 1867
intransitive senses : to jerk up and down
transitive senses : to alter or rearrange especially by manipulating <jigger an election district>
The bartenders in Vegas don't use a jigger-- they just push a button and hold out their hands for some help.
by Nco November 23, 2003
a word for a jewish person who acts like a black person. A variation on the word wigger.
Jimmy wears his pants sagging all the way to the synagogue every day. Stupid jigger.
by ilsaaa May 14, 2011
When your dick erupts in a glorious display of semen.
Yo that dude jiggered like Mount Saint Helens
by Pookerz May 01, 2011
A jew and nigger
"Did you get ripped off by that black guy at the supermarket to?"
"yeah his prices are way too overpriced and he probably stole all that stuff anyway"
"hes such a jigger"
by grold100 December 11, 2009

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