Another word meaning to masturbate, born from a misunderstanding of the word "drank"
"I always take mad long pisses in the morning, especially if I janked the night before"
by Dodgey09 February 16, 2010
Jank is a word to describe something that is horrible, disgusting, gross or just vomit inducing.
'Ewww that's so jank, sort it out.'
by JustTryingToProveAPoint February 14, 2010
To drink yourself to death with alcoholic beverages.
John is going to jank himself. He just went to the liquor store, bought 24 gallons of vodka, and he is heading to a cabin in the woods to drink that shit until he dies.
by scootersunshine February 03, 2010
(noun) Jank-semen that is realeased by the dominant partner onto the opposing partner

(verb) Janked,Janking- process of realesing the sticky onto the partner
ex. I janked on my girlfriends face

ex. As I stood janking onto my girlfriend i hit her in the eye(fml)
by Mclovin the sexy cheeseburger December 12, 2009
bad, messed up, wrong; kind of scandalous

can be good if you say it in a joking way
1. Man, when they took Doug off of Nickelodeon and put him on Disney, that was totally jank!

2. Lol, at the end of Everybody Hates Chris, on each episode, something always happens to him that's totally jank!
by PrincessR November 23, 2009
Something that is annoying, or bad. Something stupid or idiotic. Messed up.
"Aw dude, that's jank!"


"That joke was jank"
by Engrossing Insignia November 01, 2009
Pronunciation: \ˈjāynk\
Inflected Form(s): so jank, jankiest
Etymology: urban slang
1 : uncool, weak, whack, lame situation or thing; something assholey
2 : person without integrity; person exhibiting behavior that is borderline hateful or cruel; shockingly rude, uncooth

— jank·y adverb

— jank·ness noun
The fact that you took away our holiday vacation citing funds was lame, but the fact that you are still holding a holiday party for $10K is jank!

Your need to soothe your own insecurity with constant haranguing isn't actually a managerial style, it is just janky.
by mleighm October 30, 2009
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