to masturbate
yo, i can't take it anymore, my roomate is always janking it late at night...
by Bill Pollack February 18, 2009
Pretty much whatever you wanna use it as.

Life in General
"Hey Jack are you brining the jank to the party tonight?"

"Whats up with that jank?!"

"What type of jank is up with you?"
by Jenizzle Fo shizzle February 15, 2009
straight up steal something from someone being quick and unnoticed
Guy 1: Dude, what were you doin back there?
Guy 2: I just janked that kids shit man.
by murrayy32 October 14, 2008
a middle aged perverted male, male who takes interest in young girls;often dirty, smelly, creepy, and between the ages of thirty and seventy
-Look at that dirty old guy watching the middle school girls' swim team...
-Uhh, what a jank!
by daisymae May 22, 2008
Too cum or jizz, possibly on some one or something
Dude i janked all over Your hair xD
Ew that shit really looks like jank
by (o0_Spike_0o) May 09, 2008
lame, ugly, or uncool
OMG her shoes are so jank.
by claudiarox January 17, 2008
To take something generally regarded as communal property, used as a substitute for "steal."
Hey, why don't you come over later and jank some CD's?

Do you mind if I jank one of your beers? I'm all out.
by KrispyG October 14, 2007
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