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To ruin anything that could possibly be cool. To "nerd up"; to make awkward and tiresome.

hu-ber-iz-ing: The act of ruining anything that could possibly be cool.
1) If you have mentioned the word "parse" more than once during a conversation, the conversation is said to have been "huberized".

2) Joining a conversation you have entered too late to pick up on, and then asking all parties to start over, is to generally "huberize" the entire situation.

3) When a number is mentioned as part of a sentence in any context besides mathematics, remarking that the number is (or is not) prime will instantly "huberize" the conversation.

Sentence examples:
"Man, lunch really got huberized today."
"Everybody was having a good time until sombody went and huberized things."
by goounit May 15, 2006
to apply a symmetric, continuously differentiable, piecewise analytic transform which is quadratic near zero, but linear past some threshold, to a quantity, especially an error. To do so maintains smooth derivatives for optimization purposes, but is more robust against outliers than purely quadratic error norms;
'dude, I totally huberized that residual.'

by shabbychef February 13, 2009
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