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To look surreptitiously and luridly at the hindquarters of a member of the appropriate sex from a distance, especially as practiced by statisticians, mathematicians, etc.
When they brought those due diligence chicks in for our 1 o'clock feeding, I was caught doing a posterior analysis on the asian one with the houndstooth skirt. Man I was embarassed.
by shabbychef September 09, 2009
Sandlot slang for 'mouth'. c.f. pie hole. Appropriate for use in the company of young children. 'Snack Trap' is a semi-generic name for a plastic container often seen full of Cheerios in the hands of 2-year olds.
Father: I really don't want to read this 'Thomas the Tank' dreck anymore.
Mother: Shut your snack trap, daddy, I've read it three times already today.

Child: We went to the Exploratorium and daddy got me some Jelly Beans!
Mother: Jelly Beans?! Really?
Father: Watch your snack trap, kid, that was supposed to be a secret!
by shabbychef August 26, 2012
to apply a symmetric, continuously differentiable, piecewise analytic transform which is quadratic near zero, but linear past some threshold, to a quantity, especially an error. To do so maintains smooth derivatives for optimization purposes, but is more robust against outliers than purely quadratic error norms;
'dude, I totally huberized that residual.'

by shabbychef February 13, 2009
having a large hindquarters. from the statistical description of 'fat-tailed' distributions.
do these jeans make me look leptokurtotic?
by shabbychef September 09, 2009

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