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when 2 or more people share the same automovil to commute somewhere, saving petrol and money. (at least thats what it means in here, the uk)
they carpool everyday to downtown because they work a short way from each other.
by anthonee August 01, 2007
No, this is not a car that has a pool inside.

When people take turns driving people to places.
Bonnie: Haley, it's your turn in the car pool. Drive the kids to shcool.
Haley: Okay.
by PuppyLOVER562 December 05, 2007
When 2 or more individuals share an automobile during a commute to a destination or location.

Carpools are frequently used for fellow employees, students, and/or parents of school children.

By Carpooling, you can save money on gasoline, minimize your impact on the environment, and meet new people.

You can search for Carpools online at or other Carpool networks.
I am sick of the prices of gas costing me an arm and a leg, so I decided to search for a Carpool buddy on and split the cost of gas.
by RideGuy January 28, 2010
When the female in your car is so impressed by your magnificient vehicle that she wets her seat with sugar juices.
I'm hot but the car cool
She's wet, that's a carpool

-Lil Wayne
by mikidi July 15, 2010
the sexual act of penetrating one vagina with two penis' at the same time
We should invite that loose skank over and carpool in her.
by teamstrikeforce September 21, 2010
Noun: Orgy
Verb: To have an Orgy

Car Pool because car pool means you are giving people rides, you are usually giving multiple persons rides. Giving someone a ride taken as a sexual innuendo means having sex.

car is full = perfect ratio of women to men
Dude 1: Hey man want to go to the club tonight?
Dude 2: Nah man I don't want to waste my time with a bunch of sligs. Besides I'm car pooling tonight.
Dude 1: Oh can I come?
Dude 2: Sorry man the car is full.

Playa: Do you need a ride?
Slig]: Yeah is it kool if we car pool? Some of my friends want to come with.
by simpl3maynia November 10, 2009
To drag a third person along on an attempted date to make you look good and get things moving faster.
Dude, I'm totally carpooling tonight, and the freeway seems to be clearing up, but I just can't get my bro to leave!
by guava c April 23, 2011
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