a random girl you pick up to party with
Hey man, let's get drunk an pick up some ol' hooks.

Dude, my and my boys was ridin last night an picked up a couple of hooks.
by Hook King January 20, 2008
to punch
imma hook you
by Nitsuj January 23, 2004
"hook in" to do something aggressivley or to attack/shoot.

Australian military slang.
"hook in and get the work done and you can all stand down..."

"when I give the order hook in to them - when the shooting's over we'll move off"

"some idiot was bad mouthing Gus at the boozer so Gu hooked into him - took ouyt the guys front teeth and gave him a black eye"
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
to fight; to show anger and aggression in a physical manner
I told dat nigga to hook but he aint wanna do shit.
We got to hookin wit some lames at the club.
by B-eEast January 22, 2007
nice; decent
"Dat party was off da hook!"
by hook April 06, 2003
the Police, 5-O
Yo, we almost got caught by the Hook back there.
by killflow October 17, 2002
A slang reference to a person
Check out the stupid hook, nobody likes him.
by Abby March 31, 2005

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